Has someone you don’t know ever walked up to you and given you some unsolicited gym advice?  I remember working out at Gold’s gym (a long time ago, mind you) and I got squat advice from three different people on three separate occasions. At the time, I was excited to gain some insight on the squat, however, each person who gave me advice said something that contradicted the previous person’s advice. So, there I was with all this new information and unable to determine which advice I should listen to.

No Two Squats Are Identical

The fact of the matter is, none of the people who shared their advice gave me anything of quality. It was years later before I learned to fully understand the squat. Before we review universal guidelines for the squat it’s important remember that no two people will perform this exercise identically, and that’s okay! A person with a long torso and short legs will squat differently than someone with long legs and a short torso. Not to mention that people have different size and shaped hip sockets. 

Universal Squatting Guidelines

There are some universal constants that should be found in every squat and I’ll review them now. Feet can be anywhere from hip width (narrow) to shoulder width (slightly wider). Toes can point straight forward or angled outward slightly. Spine should stay relatively neutral, if someone told you to look up at the ceiling they misled you. Lastly, to perform a squat to the fullest range of motion you’ll have to let your knees go over toes. If you have the ankle mobility and the strength, this is a good thing and should not cause any pain.

The aforementioned description was a surface level breakdown of the squat that I never received from my unsolicited gym bro advisers. Truth be told your random gym bro may have good intentions, but they lack in practical working knowledge. That’s why if you need help, I recommend you get it from a professional. At the minimum, seek guidance from someone who has accomplished what you’re trying to accomplish.

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