There are many fitness professionals in the world who claim that the ability to to start exercising is the sole requirement to get results. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it is never quite that simple. 

There are countless variables to consider that scale across varying levels of importance. The three most important variables to contemplate with regards to your workouts are frequency, volume, and intensity. These three factors determine how quickly results can be achieved and what type of results can be achieved. 

The Right Workout But The Wrong Intensity

Most people do not realize that the intensity level of a workout determines the end results. A 100m sprinter and a marathon runner perform the same activity (running). However, it is the difference in intensity of the activity that causes they’re bodies to look so different comparatively. I find this fact interesting because it means that an individual could be doing the right style of workouts but at the wrong intensity. Unknowingly preventing themselves from achieving the results they want to see. 

Now, don’t read this blog and think you have to train at a high intensity all the time to get results. Training at a “too high” intensity for an extended period of time has drawbacks as well. The most notable drawback being a an injury. The goal should be to regulate workout intensity in a manner that gets you results. This is often done by manipulating the other two variables mentioned earlier (volume/frequency). 

Change Up Your Workout Intensity

So, if your workouts aren’t getting your desired results at the moment, try changing the intensity before giving up on them. Like I said previously, the right workout plan performed at the wrong intensity could still fail to produce desirable results. If altering intensity doesn’t provide the results you want, you may need to change something else with regards to the workout program. 

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