People are often told they should be avoiding carbs in order to hit weight loss goals. And that by solely subtracting carbs from their diet they’ll see weight loss and aesthetic changes almost immediately. The truth of the matter is carbs aren’t the devil that most people make them out to be.

Why Do People “Say No” To Carbs?

Many industry professionals advocate for their clients to remove carbs from their diet in order to get results. Removing carbs from a diet creates an easy win and will get you fake results.

There are two main reasons why someone would advocate for cutting out carbs. The first reason would be that a decrease in carb intake, leads to a reduction of total caloric intake. A reduction in total caloric intake often leads to weight loss and fat loss.

The second reason would be for fake results, or the easy win that I mentioned earlier. Carbs that aren’t utilized immediately by the body can be stored. Water is needed to store excess carbs in the body. So eating less carbs leads to less water retention, making it appear as though significant weight has been lost. BUT the moment you have carbs again the progress is lost.

So now, why is carb reduction alone a misleading lowhanging fruit with regards to results?.

Eating carbs is the right thing to do

Carbs are a macronutrient and an extremely important fuel source for the body. In fact, carbs are the fuel source the body needs most in order to perform at its highest levels. 

Depriving the body of this macronutrient will have a direct impact on your ability to perform during workouts. Remember that workouts are what we use to alter the body. So if we don’t have the right fuel for our workouts, we won’t be able to push as hard, and we won’t get the results we want.  

Want to lose weight? Start tracking calories instead of blindly reducing carb intake. Caloric balance will dictate whatever result you’re looking to accomplish. Deficits are for weight loss and surplus is for weight gain. No amount of carb or protein intake will build muscle if you’re in a caloric deficit.  

So eat carbs, crush workouts, and get those results!

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