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What Happens When You Mess Up On Your Diet?

Most people look at diets as if they’re all or nothing. Either I’m 100% dieting to the max or I’m off the rails binge eating everything in sight. This mindset of being either on or off the diet can be pretty toxic and detrimental. For example, when you’re eating a “high protein keto diet” with […]

How to Naturally Boost Testosterone?

First, let’s talk about what testosterone is exactly. It is a hormone found in humans and other animals. It helps regulate a multitude of body functions. Some people choose to inject themselves with it in order to boost performance, or get more results. It also tends to decrease as we age, which then makes it more difficult to get […]

Why Aren’t My Muscles More Defined?

You’ve been lifting for a while now, maybe months or possibly for even over a year now. Yeah, You’ve seen some progress with regards to weight, but your body aesthetic doesn’t match the amount of effort you’ve been putting into your workouts.  If that has been your experience, I’ve got good news for you! We’re […]

Variation or Consistency, Which is Better?

A lot of industry professionals advocate a constantly varied training regimen in order to elicit body and muscle confusion. One problem with that, however, is that the body will be unable to adapt to a workout stimulus if the exercises and style of workout are constantly varied. Today, you’ll learn why constantly varying your exercises […]

Are Carbs Bad For You?

People are often told they should be avoiding carbs in order to hit weight loss goals. And that by solely subtracting carbs from their diet they’ll see weight loss and aesthetic changes almost immediately. The truth of the matter is carbs aren’t the devil that most people make them out to be. Why Do People […]

Should You Avoid Barbell Training?

There is a really popular myth in the fitness industry that says compound lifts like the squat, bench, and deadlift need to be avoided. Some professionals believe that the risk to reward ratio for these lifts isn’t worth it. It is “too easy” to get injured doing these movements, so instead people should focus on […]

How to Create New Habits and Behaviors: pt 1.

There are some people who just picked up fitness and never set it down. Working out is a part of their lifestyle. On the other hand, there are some people who cannot seem to stay consistent with their fitness. The difference between these two individuals often lies solely in their habits and behaviors. Understanding and […]

Accepting Gym Bro Advice?

Has someone you don’t know ever walked up to you and given you some unsolicited gym advice?  I remember working out at Gold’s gym (a long time ago, mind you) and I got squat advice from three different people on three separate occasions. At the time, I was excited to gain some insight on the […]

What To Look For When Hiring a Coach / Trainer?

Truth be told, everyone should have a coach or a trainer at some point in their lives. Understand that this truth applies to fitness or any other realm in which an individual desires self-improvement. But we’ll focus solely on fitness for today. Everyone Needs One As I said previously, everyone needs a coach at some […]

Why You’ve Been Meal Prepping Wrong

Let’s talk about the dietary practice of meal prepping and eating the same thing over and over again.  Meal prep is the practice of cooking up an excess amount of food and spreading it out over the course of a couple days, or even a week. Believe it or not, for fitness junkies this is […]