You’ve been lifting for a while now, maybe months or possibly for even over a year now. Yeah, You’ve seen some progress with regards to weight, but your body aesthetic doesn’t match the amount of effort you’ve been putting into your workouts. 

If that has been your experience, I’ve got good news for you! We’re going to talk about why that was happening and what you can do to change it. 

What Do Most Professionals say When Trying to Alter Body Composition?

A lot of people advocate for cardio as the driving force to altering body composition. So on top of lifting weights. now you have to figure out how to fit running into your schedule. Then you have to figure out the ratio of running to lifting, or if you need to be running and lifting on the same day?

You may have also been told to push yourself harder in your workouts, lift heavier, lift longer, etc. Unfortunately, that is rarely the answer. What normally happens to people who try this strategy is that they end up in a state of being over trained. If/when that happens, you’ll actually end up further from your results than when you started. 

The key thing to changing your overall body aesthetic is much easier than that. The one component that most people forget to look at is their nutrition.

Before we dive too deep into what to do with your nutrition, I want to hear from you guys … what have you been told in the past to do to change your aesthetic?

Macronutrients Are The Answer

When it comes to weight loss or weight gain, calories will always be the answer. A caloric surplus is what is needed to build and a caloric deficit is what is needed to lose. Your calories must be in proper alignment with your goal in order to see results in the right direction. 

BUT After calories have been accounted for, the most important thing to alter your aesthetic is your macronutrients. So, you have three different macronutrients: protein, carbs, and fats. People often consume them in varying ratios to impact body aesthetic and composition. 

The thing that can make macronutrients tricky is that they aren’t the same for everyone. The ratio of macronutrients that your friend used to see progress could actually be detrimental to your progress. 

Fixing your macronutrients is a surefire way to start seeing some aesthetic changes and change your body composition. 

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