What To Look For When Hiring a Coach / Trainer?

Truth be told, everyone should have a coach or a trainer at some point in their lives. Understand that this truth applies to fitness or any other realm in which an individual desires self-improvement. But we’ll focus solely on fitness for today. Everyone Needs One As I said previously, everyone needs a coach at some […]

Myth Busted: The Intensity of Your Workout Does Matter

There are many fitness professionals in the world who claim that the ability to to start exercising is the sole requirement to get results. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it is never quite that simple.  There are countless variables to consider that scale across varying levels of importance. The three most important variables […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Training To Failure

Have you ever heard the concept of training to failure? Training to failure is a popular methodology utilized by people who are trying to focus on muscle growth and size (hypertrophy). This methodology is used as a way to completely exhaust the muscles, accrue a large amount of volume (total work), and create cellular stress. […]

I Pushed Through The Pain, Where Are My Results?

I want to talk to you today about one of the biggest fallacies circulating the fitness industry. In truth this fallacy has been in the industry for decades, and that is “The currency for progress towards your goals is pain.” Not only is this strategy not effective, it can actually prevent you from achieving your […]

Primal Movement Patterns and Your Insufferable Back Pain

Prior to entering the fitness industry, the last time I heard the word “Primal” was in reference to Optimus in a 90’s Beast Wars cartoon (best show ever!). Regarding fitness and movement, however, the word primal describes a specific set of movement patterns. There are eight primal movement patterns in total, and they have been […]

A Better Squeeze Equals Better Juice: Strategies for overcoming fitness plateaus

A Better Squeeze Equals Better Juice: Strategies for overcoming fitness plateaus

Now, what in the millennial jargon does that title even mean? Let’s break it down and build it back up. Your accessory exercises (referred to later as the squeeze) have the ability to progress and impact your primary movements (referred to later as the juice) more than you realize. If you haven’t been seeing the […]