How to Naturally Boost Testosterone?

First, let’s talk about what testosterone is exactly. It is a hormone found in humans and other animals. It helps regulate a multitude of body functions. Some people choose to inject themselves with it in order to boost performance, or get more results. It also tends to decrease as we age, which then makes it more difficult to get […]

Variation or Consistency, Which is Better?

A lot of industry professionals advocate a constantly varied training regimen in order to elicit body and muscle confusion. One problem with that, however, is that the body will be unable to adapt to a workout stimulus if the exercises and style of workout are constantly varied. Today, you’ll learn why constantly varying your exercises […]

What To Look For When Hiring a Coach / Trainer?

Truth be told, everyone should have a coach or a trainer at some point in their lives. Understand that this truth applies to fitness or any other realm in which an individual desires self-improvement. But we’ll focus solely on fitness for today. Everyone Needs One As I said previously, everyone needs a coach at some […]