Many people fail to achieve their goals every year because they fail to establish a routine around fitness. If your fitness routine is sporadic, then your results will either be sporadic or non-existent. A lack of results leads to a decline in motivation. This decreases the chance of you being committed to or achieving your goals. Establishing a fitness routine is necessary to make progress towards your goals.

Why Is Routine So Important?

Routine is paramount to the human brain. it lets you run on auto pilot which lowers energy expenditure increasing efficiency. Most people have a morning routine and it allows them to go from task to task effortlessly. As the day goes on, personal and work related tasks always get dynamic, making it difficult to keep a steady routine throughout the day. 

I say all this because fitness should be a part of your daily routine, just like your morning coffee. When we’re in a time crunch or a stressful situation, fitness is something we put off until later. But in all honesty that is when you need fitness the most. Working out has an array of benefits that will help you focus and make better choices especially when you’re stressed.

How Do I Make Fitness a Routine?

Make fitness a part of your daily routine, same time and on the same days every week. This decreases the chances of you putting it off when your day gets dynamic and hectic. Instead you’ll be more likely to rearrange your schedule to ensure you get a workout in. Fun fact: Building a routine is never as simple and easy as doing something for 30 days. There is actually a whole scientific discipline related to behavior change.

Changing behavior is rarely easy, but it is more easily done when you have a community. If you haven’t yet make sure to join my free facebook group ( You can look forward to discussions on behavior change and tips on how to better integrate fitness into your lifestyle.