I want to talk to you today about one of the biggest fallacies circulating the fitness industry. In truth this fallacy has been in the industry for decades, and that is “The currency for progress towards your goals is pain.” Not only is this strategy not effective, it can actually prevent you from achieving your goals in the long run.

The amount of coaches I’ve had that told me to push through the pain would alarm you. Unfortunately, at the time I was both youthful and ambitious so I listened. This brought on a fusillade of aches, pain, and minor injuries. Thankfully, none of the damage I incurred was permanent and I definitely know better now.

Pain For Progress… At What Cost?

There are some people that have and continue to trade pain for progress on a regular basis. I personally know some people who have done it for years. But over time they’ve all come to regret their decision. Pain is a signal from your body telling you something is wrong and you need to stop or do something different. The inflammation response caused by pain can lead to swelling, cartilage damage, bone damage, and muscle loss. That is why ignoring that signal for an extended period of time often leads to injury.

Find Out What’s Causing The Pain and Fix It

So instead of pushing through pain or an injury I want to challenge you to listen to your body. If you’re hurt or hurting, figure out what is causing the pain. There are loads of self assessment videos on the internet and I recommend trying some on the Quadfather Training Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/quadfathertraining).

Afterwards, take the information gleaned from the assessment and make an alteration to the exercise you were struggling with or the workout routine as a whole. If you can’t address the problem or figure out the issue by yourself, then it might be time to get some help.

A Place To Find Answers and Friends

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