Truth be told, everyone should have a coach or a trainer at some point in their lives. Understand that this truth applies to fitness or any other realm in which an individual desires self-improvement. But we’ll focus solely on fitness for today.

Everyone Needs One

As I said previously, everyone needs a coach at some point. So, if the coach you’re currently shopping has never wanted/received coaching from someone else in any form or fashion, then that’s a huge red flag. They’re asking you to invest in them, and they haven’t even invested in themselves. There’s not a single coach out here “reinventing the wheel” with regards to training methodology. What I’m saying is, coaches learning from other coaches grants new perspectives and approaches to facing a common set of problems. 

The methodology that a coach uses should have overarching principles that can be reformatted to help different people. This applies to all aspects of coaching, including behavior, nutrition, and fitness. If the coach you’re shopping doesn’t have a set of practical rules that can be applied across a broad spectrum of issues, then consider that another red flag.

Be Wary…

Be wary of coaches who are dogmatic and unwavering about a given tool or method. Why? Because there are many paths to the same destination. In truth, there are a myriad of ways to help a person lose weight, gain muscle, or even perform better. When a coach says “the only way to lose weight is fasted cardio” or “no barbell training means no strength gains,” this is a sign of dogmatism. In truth, the barbell is a great tool for strength gains but it technically isn’t necessary. Also, fasted cardio does not work for everyone with regard to weight loss. A coach unwilling to change a strategy or who clings too tightly to a given method may not be the right person to help you hit goals.

Remember that the coach you’re shopping for should have overarching principles that function in multiple scenarios. Think of principles as given truths that can exist in a vacuum, they’re facts that can be applied to more than one scenario. Learning and understanding a set of guiding principles allows you to help yourself and others as well. Interested in learning more about what health and fitness principles are and how to apply them to your lifestyle?  Come join my free Facebook group where we talk about them weekly.